Self-portrait in Kirishima, Japan (2021)

We are as thin as water bubbles. We are only temporarily alive, relying on the luck of visiting with a certain percentage of the time. This element is both the best part and the worst part. And we can’t do anything about this.

You can sit in front of the lake and indulge in recollections, but that doesn’t change anything. You can change yourself to accept everything, but that may also be wrong. Maybe we think much about it. Don’t think more, feel more.

To lead yourself to an artist, you have to believe in intuition and act. It nourishes people, nourishes their sensibilities, and leads them to death. What you do is different for each person, and it changes for each person.

If I can still play, I’m alive and well. If I couldn’t play, everything that preceded it would make little sense to me.


An article was published in the Music Media

The diffenrece between reverb, echo, and delay

Space-based effectors for spreading sounds such as reverb, echo, and delay create the size and condition of the space, etc., and create an “illusion” in the sense of hearing. A space system effector is an effector that simulates the space in which the sound sounds literally by adding various reverberations. The sound changes depending on how you use the space system effector. – Yasuharu Nagura